Editing Services

I enjoyed working with Stacey so much that I plan to have her edit all my books. I worried that the editing process would be difficult, but her personal approach made it feel more like talking about my book with a friend than having it picked apart. She’s very professional, and she gets the job done quickly. I learned things from her that I now apply as I write, which makes the whole process easier. I can’t speak highly enough of Stacey.

~Rachel McMahon, Author, “Sam & Millie” (release later this year)


While self-editing is an invaluable skill that I recommend every author cultivate, everybody needs a second set of eyes before they send a story out into the world. Whether you intend to submit your book, story, or article to a publisher or intend to self-publish, hiring a professional editor is the best way to ensure that your work is polished and ready for submission or self-publication.

Every editor has his/her own style just as every author does, and not every editor can work well with every author. Well, they can, if they both stay professional, but it isn’t much fun for anyone.

With this in mind, I offer a free 10-page sample edit to be sure you like my style and we both feel we can work together. This will also give me the opportunity to judge the level of work that needs to be done on your manuscript and suggest an alternative if I feel the manuscript is not ready for a full edit. If I feel you are not ready for a full edit, I will tell you why and try to make suggestions to help you get ready.

The goals for this policy are to prevent you from paying for a service that you may end up having to pay for again and to make sure that we are compatible as an author/editor team.

If we feel we can work together after a sample edit, I recommend you purchase a 50-Page Partial Edit (see below) before you commit to the expense of a full edit. The $125 fee for that service is non-refundable. If, however, you hire me to edit your entire manuscript, the 50-Page edit fee will apply toward cost of the full-edit.

Please note:

  • The word count used for calculating fees will be whatever MS Word tells me the word count is when I open the file.
  • The word count is likely to increase or decrease in the editing process, sometimes drastically. The fee for any word-count-based service will be determined by the starting word count.
  • The industry standard manuscript page is 250 words. All references to “page” are based on this standard.


I have worked with Stacey Brewer as a colleague and as a recipient of her editorial expertise. Her insights regarding the English language in all its glory and baseness do much to help an author find the best way to express thoughts and keep the piece moving.  She is meticulous and does not hold back if she genuinely feels major surgery is required. Those changes are presented in a professional and thoughtful way which gives the author room to re-think or defend a passage in question. Whether you are looking for general comments or for a surgical attack, Stacey will lead you by the hand to a stronger, more captivating voice.

~Victoria Adams, Author and Director for PDMI Publishing, LLC



Full Manuscript Editing:

Single round: $2 per 250-word page

Two Rounds: $3 per 250-word page

This service includes two rounds:

In the single-round service, you get one round of substantive editing, which includes editing for content, style, voice, pacing, clarity, readability, redundancies, plot holes, etc. while also cleaning up any issues with spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will make suggestions regarding rough areas, characterization, dialogue, plot, point of view, setting, etc. as needed.

With the two-round service, after you have completed revisions, I will read the updated manuscript to make sure the issues were effectively addressed and corrected. If there are any remaining issues or suggestions or if correcting one set of issues creates others (I try to avoid that, but it can happen), I will note them for you. I will also take the opportunity to recheck the spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Beta Reading/Critique: $1 per page

The best choice for early drafts or manuscripts that still need work, but for which you want feedback and suggestions to help you refine.

I will read your manuscript, comment, and make suggestions on the story as a whole including strong and weak areas. With this service, you may send a list of things you aren’t sure what to do about for commentary.


25-Page Partial Manuscript Edit (6,250 words): $50

50-Page Partial Manuscript Edit (12,500 words): $100

If you are not sure whether you are ready for a full edit or if money is a little tight but you know you need some professional help, this service is a great way to get an idea of the major issues or recurring problems in the first 50 pages of your story.


The Pre-Submission Special: $50

Most editors will give you the first five pages before they decide whether they want to continue reading and considering your book for publication. I’ll give you 10.

I will read the first 10 pages (up to 2,500 words) of your manuscript as well as your cover letter and synopsis and tell you whether I, as a professional editor, would want to keep reading and whether I would consider acquiring it for publication and why as well as offer suggestions on how I think the materials might be improved.


Articles, Essays, Blog Posts, Etc.: $10.00 per 500 words

As with a full-manuscript edit, I will edit once, return the piece to you for revisions, then check the piece a second time.


Stacey Brewer is the kind of editor that can see into the soul of the book, polish that rock into a diamond, and bring out the story you really wanted to tell. Grammar, spelling, plot holes–she can spot them all. Best of all, she is very down to earth about telling you. Another of my favorite parts about working with Ms. Brewer is that instead of just ordering you to fix something, she will logically and kindly explain to you why she thinks it should be fixed. Perhaps you have a good explanation for why you wrote it that way in the first place; she will help you work with it so that it still says and conveys what you want while also making sure your readers will understand it, too! Hire her to be your editor and you will notice a world of difference!

~V.L. Jennings, author, “The Alien Mind



½ of the fee will be due up front as a deposit. ½ of the remainder will be due before the first round edits are returned to you The balance will be due before the final edits are returned to you.

Example: For a 50,000 word manuscript, the total fee would be $600:

  • $300 due before the work is started
  • $150 due on completion of round one
  • $150 due on completion of the work


Stacey Brewer works for the company which publishes my books, and it is fair to say that she is one of the key reasons I am with that company, is because she  is my editor there.
She has a charming, friendly and approachable manner, but more than that, while her approach is gentle, her points are always well-thought-out , and she has a very discerning approach to her work, which means she can enhance and correct a text without changing the essential feel and style of the author’s writing.
Use her services and you won’t regret it
~Peter Wells, Author, “Living Life Backwards” and “The Man Who Missed the Boat