A little bit about Stacey…

Stacey Haggard Brewer writes fantasy, historical fantasy, and modern fantasy, but she also suffers from the occasional steampunk and sci-fi ambition.   Stacey loves reading, herb gardening, drawing, and all manner of geekery and spends a good deal of the time she should spend writing dedicated to these pursuits.

She lives in southeast Kansas with her husband and her funny little dog whom she calls “Rabbit”.


7 thoughts on “A little bit about Stacey…

  1. HI my name I s Lenora Rogers and I was just given your link by Victoria Adams. I hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Stacey,

    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a note on “Raising Questions with Your First Line.” I love your blog here, which I’ve just discovered. I’d like to spotlight you as our Writer of the Week on Saturday on Adventures in YA Publishing. I will include your bio and links to the Quantum Reality, Opening Books, Become One of the Helpers, and Magic posts. I’m also going to put a blurb and a link in the sidebar for the week.

    I wondered if you had a photo of yourself you might want me to include? If not, what about spotlighting one of the beautiful photos that you’ve taken and shared in the post on your “other hobby”? Could you please let me know?

    If you could, would you please respond by email? Thanks so much!

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