Confession time

OK, I have a confession to make.

I LOVE my WordPress stats page. It isn’t that I have huge amounts of traffic in my little corner of the internet and like to see all the big numbers and so forth. I have a few visitors who regularly stop by and see what I’m up to, but overall, my actual numbers are pretty modest.

No – the thing I love so much about my stats page is that little section that tell me where my visitors are from.

I routinely get visitors from here in the United States, of course, though I do wish the stats page would show me where in the US everybody is (Hawaii? Alaska? Georgia? Right next door?) I have some regular visitors in the UK (love my British peeps!) and Ireland (What’s the craic?). I also have someone who peeks in from Germany once in a while (Guten tag!)

And yesterday?


Little things like this excite me and totally make my day. So next time you stop by – even if you see this post a year from now and think I’m no longer paying attention – just pop a little note into the comments.

Tell me where you are.

Tell me the best part about being there.

Or just say, “¡Hola!”

I love that stuff. You will single-handedly make my day no matter where you are!


4 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Great post! I feel exactly the same. Most of my views come from the UK and US as well but among the odd few here and there from other places I seem to get quite a lot from Sweden, which random as it is, does always bring a smile to my face
    As for me, I’m viewing your post from Scotland

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