H is for… ?

a-to-z-letters-hI’ll be honest with you.  I’ve got nothing for “H” today.  I’ve been thinking about all the things I like that start with the letter H, but I haven’t hit on anything that screamed “Blog post!” at me.  I even resorted to flipping through the H section dictionary.

I could post about “History”, but, of course, that’s a subject that can fill entire libraries.  I already told you a little about how I came to choose historical fantasy as my writing genre (see my April 6 post “Faeries, Flappers, and Flights of Fancy”).

I could post about herbs – one of my great loves! – but I could go on and only scratch the surface of that subject, too.  Growing, cooking uses, medicinal uses, folk uses and beliefs, teas, tinctures, aromatherapy…  Don’t get me started!  I promise, I’ll put up a little something herb-related now and then (on “V” day, I’ll be sharing my super-awesome, better than Vick’s, all-natural vapor rub recipe).

I could write a post about how I try to be Honest in my writing, but I hope you are already getting that from what I’ve written so far.  I could write about Hope or Home or Help (I can always use a bit) or Halloween (though that last seems a bit out of season for an April blog post).

So I think I’ll leave this post as it is: a picture of what I go through trying to decide on blog posts.  Sometimes I hit on something right away that strikes my fancy and about which I have something to say, and sometimes (like today) I come up with a bit of a ramble that doesn’t accomplish much beyond letting you in on how I think.


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