Faeries, Flappers, and Flights of Fancy

LouiseBrooksFantasy has always been my reading genre of choice.  I think the first fantasy story I can remember reading on my own was called “Morgan Mine.”  It was one of those children’s books that comes with a moral at the end.  I was a girly five or six-year-old, and it was about a princess trying to catch a unicorn.  Yeah.  I was hooked.

I’m sure that I lived in my own little world before then.  You would have to ask my parents to be sure.  It hasn’t got any better since.  It seemed only natural when I started writing that I would write fantasy.

Unicorns were my favorite fantasy creature for years, at least until I discovered faeries that weren’t all adorable, tiny, butterfly-winged creatures.  I discovered Irish folklore and the Sidhe: beautiful (rather than “cute”), powerful, and not to be trifled with.  I was hooked again.

I mentioned yesterday that I have a wide range of greatly varying interests.  Another of them is history.  Not so much the dates and numbers stuff.  The culture stuff.  I love learning about the ways people thought and how they did things.

I’ve been through several “era obsessions.”  Ancient Egyptian, Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian…  Most recently, it’s the 1920s.  I love the glamour of it, especially the flappers.  I love their joyous embrace of everything the ’20s represented.  Of course, I do realize that it isn’t all as romantic as my imagination makes it out to be.  No era is what those of us in later generations think it was.  But the “Roaring 20s” marks a change in the way people thought and the things they embraced.  I think it’s all very fascinating.

Originally, I thought much of my writing would be modern fantasy and paranormal romance.  It’s very popular right now, and it comprises much of what I read for pleasure.  Then I started thinking about mixing my interests, and decided that maybe historical fantasy is more my cup of tea.  The first big bonus is that I get to research all those fascinating time periods I’ve been alternately obsessed with through the years.

I won’t go into what exactly my current works in progress are.  They’re always in a kind of shifting state until I lock down the details.  But I’m diving into the research head first, and I can’t wait to see what develops!


4 thoughts on “Faeries, Flappers, and Flights of Fancy

    • I am also finding that I am able to look at my stories in a slightly different way than if I wrote them as modern fantasy. Of course, the time period effects the characters and the path of the story, but it also lets my imagination play in a different way than modern fantasy does.

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