a-to-z-letters-eI love all different kinds of things.  If you ask me about my favorite anything, the answer you are most likely to get back is, “It depends…”

What’s your favorite color, Stacey?  It depends… Most of the time I like dark reds the best, but once in a while, I see a shade of blue so pretty it makes me want to cry.

Who is your favorite band/musician?  Well, most of the time it’s Bon Jovi… until I hear something by Meat Loaf on the radio.  Then he’s my favorite until I play a CD with the song “Drops of Jupiter” on it, and for a few minutes I can’t imagine loving anyone but Train.  Same goes for certain songs by the Goo Goo Dolls, Pink Martini, Dashboard Confessional, the Beatles, Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, King Crimson, and any number of others.  (Kudos to you if you know who King Crimson is without resorting to Googlemancy!  And extra points if you are now singing one of their songs in your head, or – better yet – singing out loud.)

Favorite author?  What have you got?  I’ll take them all!

This same constant flow of favorites carries to almost every other thing: foods (Japanese, Mexican, good ol’ American-style pan-fried chicken…), styles of dress (vintage, retro, boho…).  I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

I’m guessing this all makes me seem a bit wishy-washy, but I disagree.  I think this tendency to be eclectic in so many different areas make me a better writer.

Some people say write about what you know.  I can do that because I love and have tried to learn about a lot of different things.  Others say you should write about what you don’t know.  I can do that, too, because there’s so much out there just waiting to be added to one of my “favorites” lists.  All I have to do is discover it!


8 thoughts on “Eclectic

  1. I would also like to note that i think its hilarious you use the word Googlemancy, since thats the title for my G blog post. I thought you’d read it already, then realized it isnt published yet.

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