Of cops, corgis, and cookies


See what I mean? Cuter than any creature has a right to be.
And by the way – corgis are bred to be herding dogs. You know sheep, cows… Notice how his finely bred instincts have taken over to keep the cow where it belongs…

I had a whole list of ideas of what I could write about for letter C in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, and I had big plans about having my post up by mid-morning.  It would seem that life (and my own less-than-disciplined tendencies) had other ideas.  So this is kind of a “day in my life” post.

Those of you who know me are aware that my husband is a police officer.  Specifically, he’s a motorcycle officer.  They say women love a man in a uniform, and that chicks dig a bike.  Well, mine has a uniform AND a motorcycle.  I get the best of both.  But I digress…

He had to leave his motorcycle at the shop yesterday to have a bit of work done on it.  This morning (earlier than any person having a day off from the day job should be asked to drag out of bed) he talked me into driving him to the department so he could ride the motorcycle home…  Yeah.  That didn’t happen.  I got to go BACK into town to pick him up at 5 because the shop had to order a part.

In the between-time, I did a few errands (which, I’m sure you would agree always take longer than expected) and arrived home to discover that my dog – a Pembroke Welsh Corgi called Rabbit – had escaped the yard.  Again.  No big deal.  He always goes to the same neighbor’s house to play with their dogs.  So I went to collect him only to discover that he had been playing in the mud.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Even filthy, he’s cuter than any creature has a right to be.

Remember I said that my husband got me up too early?  After retrieving my wayward mutt from the neighbor’s house, I sat down with the idea of catching up on a bit of Downton Abbey before I got serious about the day’s writing and promptly became comatose dozed off.  I woke up with just enough time to straighten up a little bit and start a load of laundry before the aforementioned trip back to town.

And as for cookies… I’m off to bake some (now that I’ve done my writing assignment for today).  I have no great cookie secret.  I use the recipe from the Butter Flavor Crisco package.  You can find it here if you don’t already have it.


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