I suppose you might be wondering why I have waited until two weeks into the new year to discuss my New Year’s resolutions.  I waited because I often get caught up in the excitement of the new year and the idea of a fresh start.  I make resolutions (and not usually terribly ambitious or extremely difficult resolutions) while I’m caught up in that feeling of a fresh new year, but then my gusto fades and my ambition wanes.  I find that I am right back where I started.

All this usually happens at about the two-week point.

I often wish my life had a great, big reset button like on the old video game consoles, or – better yet – checkpoints like in more modern games so I could go back to the last point at which I had a solid handle on things and pick up from there.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that the last place I really had a handle on things was sitting under my grandmother’s dining table improvising Barbie furniture out of stacks of cassette tapes (yes… I am that old).

So, like everyone else, I am forced to live now and resolve to do better with what I have now, and when I stop to consider, I realize that what I have now is a lot to work with:

  1. I have a loving and supportive husband and family who encourage me to create no matter what and who look at my quirks and eccentricities and just smile and goes along with it (or at least sit back and enjoy the show).
  2. An eclectic bunch of friends who are as weird and crazy as I am each in their own way (yes, even the ones that think they’re perfectly normal).  They have so much to teach me that I hardly know where to start learning.
  3. A silly dog with short legs and big ears that never fails to make me laugh. All you pet people out there now how important that is!
  4. A creative drive that keeps my mind so busy I don’t know whether to write or draw or make a photograph or just sit still and dream up new ideas…
  5. All of my “practical” needs provided for: a stable day job, a roof over my head, food in the refrigerator.

So my resolution for this year is to use what I have and make the best I can of all of it.

I am resolved to let my husband and family be my calm center in the middle of a crazy world; to learn what my friends know that I do not and teach them what I can as well; to laugh, and play, and be silly; to get all (or at least all I can) of my ideas out of my head and onto paper or canvas instead of letting them just stay inside my head; and to make the best use I can of all those “practical” things that I often forget to appreciate.

In many ways, it might be my hardest list of New Year’s resolutions ever.  I think, though, that when I’ve accomplished them, I’ll have rediscovered the ever elusive “handle on things.”

How about you?  What are you going to do with what you’ve got?