Sometimes things go bump…

So sorry, Everyone! I haven’t been keeping up.

I’ve been on vacation for the last week, and while I have everything with me that I need, and I fully intended to get a couple of new posts up while I was away, it seems I came down with a major case of the vacation lazies.

So here’s a little something to hold you while I get back to what passes as normal for me…

Ghost stories!

I love a good ghost story! Not the gory, slasher, blood and guts stuff that passes for scary movies nowadays but ghost stories. Eerie occurrences, visits from the dearly departed, things going bump and all that.

Here are a few stories that some of my friends were kind enough to let me share with you. All true stories and all in their own words.


The Golden Fleece Pub, York, England

Photo by Sandra Geddes
These two photos are of the interior of the Golden Fleece Pub in York, England. If you look up near the light in this photo, you can see a little orb hovering there.

Photo by Sandra Geddes

Photo by Sandra Geddes
Here’s another one of the Golden Fleece Pub with a bit of something in the foreground in front of the bar. Sandra and I can’t decide between us whether these are orbs or lens flare. What do you think?

A Last Visit

When my oldest daughter was 2, I had to wash cloths in the basement….it was an old, old house and kinda creepy down there. Anyway the washer and dryer were just off to the side of the stairs. The stairs lead straight up to the side door, where it turned, and then went on into the house. Anyway my daughter would sit at the bottom of the stairs while I folded and moved the laundry. All of a sudden, one day, she looked up the stairs and started talking to someone…you know answering them… like “good,” “I don’t know,” “yea,” so on and on. So I though someone was there even though I couldn’t hear anyone else talking. I would lean over and look up the stairs and see no one…nothing! Finally asked her who she was talking to. She pointed and said that old lady. This happened for a couple of weeks then just stopped…but every time I asked her who she was talking to I got the same answer…so I just started saying “Hi!” to the old lady, even though I never saw her. Found out awhile later that an old woman that lived in that house for years had died around that time. Guess she was just visiting her house one last time.

~ Yvonne M., South Dakota

A Haunted Hotel

Last Summer, my brother and his wife, daughter, her husband and their baby son went to stay in the Maldron Hotel in Cork Ireland.

There was not much room for the travel cot in my niece’s room but they moved some chairs and the little table and all was ok. My brother and his wife were in the room next door, which had a connecting door that was locked.

During the night my sister-in-law woke up and heard the baby crying and heard furniture being moved around. She was thinking to herself that she hoped her daughter would settle the baby and stop moving things so that she could get back asleep.

After a few minutes the noise stopped and she went back asleep. She awoke again to feel someone pushing her in the back. She thought it was my brother and told him to stop.

The pushing continued a couple of times more with more force until she shouted, “Will you stop pushing me,” and it stopped.

She thought nothing of it and fell back asleep. She did not remember the incident until they met for lunch with a friend of my niece who asked them where they were staying.

When they said the Maldron Hotel the girl said, “Oh, I see,” and had a funny look on her face.

My sister-in-law knew by her reaction that she knew something and asked her what it was. The girl told her that the Maldron Hotel was once the North Infirmary Hospital/North Charitable Infirmary and there was a cemetery out the back but they moved some of the graves to build the hotel.

That old Infirmary was shut down in 1987. There was a soup kitchen set up in Shandon for starving people during the Famine around 1846/7. The housing conditions in 19th century Shandon street, like all of Corks inner city areas, were abysmal and overcrowded. Sanitation was primitive and access to clean drinking water was limited. The streets and lanes were filthy, with human waste found along the gutters. In Feb 1847 the North Infirmary was converted to an auxiliary fever hospital because of the cholera epidemic and dysentery and other infectious diseases being rife in the city and county.

In the Hotel today, the floor that is said to be most haunted is floor 2 and the numbers of the haunted rooms are 318 and 319. There is a blank door in between those two rooms but no number on it. When people have opened the door of it, there was just very thick white wood nailed to the inside door. apparently it was that bad in that room that they had to bolt the door, and that the staff are nervous of the floor itself as well.

Apparently, noises like dragging furniture had been heard and people being pushed.

My sister-in-law remembered the events of the night and it dawned on her when she had been pushed in the back during night she had been facing my brother so it was not him who had pushed her.

She asked about my niece moving furniture during the night and had the baby been crying. They said the baby had slept all night and they had not been moving things, anyway all the rooms were carpeted so you would not have heard it.

They were all very spooked but remained in the Hotel for the rest of the weekend, and no further things happened.

Mind you, before going to bed they made sure that they had a good few drinks for (medicinal purposes only, of course) to help them sleep.

My sister-in-law wanted to swap sides in the bed the next night, but my brother (all 6 foot 3 of him), was too spooked to! He couldn’t sleep the next night, but she made sure she had enough brandy on board for a good nights sleep.

I understand that on different occasions some paranormal teams spent the night there to catch some ghostly goings on, but nothing happened. I think this happened to my sister-in-law because she was totally unaware of the history of the place, and she found a reasonable explanation for what she heard and felt.

~ Helen P., Dublin, Ireland


This house [my sister’s] is located in Southern California. It was a four corner house, with a single room centered above the others for the second floor, built in the late 1920s, finished in 1930. In the walls were some news papers that appeared to be used for insulation dating to the period.

From the time she moved in, there were odd occurrences, you set something down and come back to find it moved, typical playing with electrics (lights, TV, etc.), the sound of music and glasses toasting.

As happens, when they began renos, things heated up. Shortly after my youngest niece was born she was sitting in the living room nursing. Her step-daughter was seated on the floor across the room, we will call her Emma and my sister Kailey.

While watching TV Emma, looks up and says “Quit pulling my hair!”

Kailey looking puzzled replies, “I’m not. I can’t even reach you.”

This repeats about three times. Kailey is befuddled, and Emma is growing more upset having her hair pulled. Emma pops up and starts to leave the room. As her foot crosses the threshold, a 2×4 board crashes through the window that she had been sitting in front of.

Kailey and I both felt the hair pulling was the resident ghost trying to get Emma to move. This is one of many occurrences at My Sister’s House.

~ Lisa C., Alberta

Double Exposure… Except it isn’t…

Here are two interesting photos from St. Augustine, Florida,  shared by my friend Morgan Dragonwillow on her blog. I’m using them here with her permission. Do pop over to her page for a visit! Leave a note, and tell her I sent you.

Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow
“I took several photos of this shop sign and every single one of them looked odd. Almost like double exposure only this is a digital camera.”

Photo by Morgan Dragonwillow
“Every picture that I took [of this tree] from this angle gave me the same results. None of these pictures have been doctored in any way. My camera seemed to be working fine and besides these few pictures I never saw it do this same kind of thing again.”

Shadow Person

We had just bought a house in July of 2005.. I never felt alone when I was there by myself… always felt like someone was with me. One night I did the usual routine of checking the windows and making sure the doors were locked.

My oldest daughter was asleep on the love seat in our room and my husband at the time was asleep. I just crawled into bed and tried to get comfortable when I got the huge feeling someone was in the house. Both my daughter and husband started tossing and turning like crazy, so I stared into the hallway feeling like someone was going to walk into the room at any moment. My hair stood up on the back of my neck and I could feel so much pressure in my chest I almost couldn’t breathe, and then a tall dark see-thru man size figure walked past the doorway and disappeared. Then, everything stopped like nothing happened.

It scared the crap out of me!

That was my first full bodied shadow person!! They don’t bother me now.

Once in a while I see them. I think my tall dark one is still with me. I have seen one like him from time to time in the old house. I mostly hear them and sense them around.. I have a lot of them that come and go from my house… well my old house anyway. Only a few seem to have come to the new one so far.
I don’t mind dealing with them.. I usually try to help them if I can.

~ Dee B., New York

A Protective Prankster

When I was very young, my Aunt and Uncle lived in a house in the outskirts of Abbotsford in British Columbia. It was a three story house on 3/4 acre of land. My sister and I spent a great deal of time with my aunt in the kitchen, which was on the main floor, and even more time outside.

As we grew older (around 10), we started to notice strange things. We would go to the bathroom and be locked inside, even though the door had no lock. We would go play in the living room to find that all the books on the bookshelf (which were always so lovely alphabetized by author) would be out of order, placed on the shelves in categories instead. Doors and windows would close even if they were propped open, and I would catch smoky reflections in the mirrors in hallways and the main living room. When going down the stairs into the basement, it always felt like someone was pressing my hand into the railing.

My Aunt always dismissed them as my Uncle playing tricks on us until one day…

We were all in the kitchen baking bread, save my Uncle who was in town with my dad. It was a hot summer day so the front and back doors were open (held so with bricks because the wooden door stops didn’t work, mysteriously) and the windows in the kitchen and dining room were propped open with wooden spoons. As my Aunt went to put the bread on the dining room table to rise, a wooden spoon came flying at her from across the room. Then another, and another. My sister and I went into the dining room to see what was happening and, since we were children, we told her it must be a ghost. She didn’t believe us, told us to stop telling stories and playing tricks, and took us into the living room. As we walked in, all three of us were witness to the books on her bookshelf sitting in piles on the floor, a few of them an inch or so from the ground.

My Aunt gasped, the books all fell into a scattered mess, and in the mirror on the wall I caught a glimpse of a man in a top hat, tie and vest walk briskly past with a huge grin on his face.

That night, after supper, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. The water was unusually hot, like the cold wasn’t working, and it fogged the bathroom mirror. The name Charlie had been written on it. I thought nothing of it at the time, since that was also my Uncle’s name.

I found out later (in my mid-teens), from my Aunt, that a man named Charles had once lived in the house. He was a children’s doctor and scholar when the house had been built in the farmlands surrounding Abbotsford close to a century ago at the time (late 1800s- early 1900s), and he had died by falling down the stairs to the basement. Those stairs were directly in the centre of the middle floor, accessible from every room my sister and I ever experienced anything in.

Until my Aunt and Uncle divorced, Charlie played good-natured pranks on them and their guests, never intending harm, and I could always feel a grip on my hand on the railing whenever I ventured into the basement.

– Bobbi-Lee S., Alberta

‘SeeMore’ and a Visit from Granddad

When I was a kid, we had a poltergeist (a noisy ghost) that lived with us. He would play simple tricks if we did not pay attention to him every once in a while. He would throw dishes from the cupboard when you opened them (not the dishes from the front of the cupboard, but from the back of the cupboard, over the ones in the front). He helped me find my grandmother’s ring when she lost it when she was asleep.

We called him “Seemore” because we wanted to “see more” of him!

* * *

My grand dad passed away when I was in 5th grade, He had severe issues with his legs (jungle rot) and they gave off a very distinct odor, well, three weeks after he passed, I woke at 2:30 am (or something like that) and started for the restroom, I saw my grandfather in there (he always went with the light out, sitting down, and a cigarette in his mouth).

I said “Ok Hap, let me know when you are done.” Went back and laid down.

A few minutes later, I heard him hit the door to my room as he passed by. I said “Thanks Hap.” got up and went to the restroom. (the odor was very strong from his legs).

I finished up, washed my hands, and started back to my bed, then realized… My grandfather had passed away 3 weeks earlier. I could not sleep the rest of the night and had a very LONG day at school the next day

– Shade W., Ohio

I would love to hear your stories! Do you live in a house where things go bump in the night? How about visits from beyond? Please feel free to share!


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