10 questions OR Does blog hopping make you a cyber floozy?

So here’s the game:

One blogger asks me 10 questions on his blog and leaves a link to my blog.  Anybody who wants to know what I said has to come to my blog to see.  I will then pose 10 questions to another blogger and leave a link to her page…

Fun, right?  It’s a Blog Hop! (Find the official rules here if you would like to join in.)

My questions come from friend and fellow Midwesterner Stuart West.  You can find his blog here.  Do check it out!  He’s lots of fun (the wicked kind), and his book, “Tex, the Witch Boy,”  is set to be released by Muse-It-Up Publishing in January.

So here’s what Stuart wanted to know about me:

1) I see you write fantasy. Why fantasy?

Yes, I write modern fantasy/paranormal romance, fantasy, and a kind of steampunk/fantasy hybrid.

Why fantasy? I love the imagination! I love to dream and see places and worlds that only exist in my mind and then share those worlds with other people. Anyway, the real world is just a little bit too real sometimes. Don’t you think? Fantasy is an escape. It’s a way to be somewhere and something other for awhile.

2) What’s the name of your first book? Is it part of a series?

The title of my first book changes almost daily, so I’m reluctant to reveal it at this point.  I can’t seem to settle on a good title.  It is part of a series.  There will be at least four books, but I keep getting new ideas for more!

3) What’s the book about (and please try and answer this question by writing with a British accent, because British accents make everything 110% more interesting.)?

My first book is about a witch who has very little power (magically speaking).  What she does have is a rare and extremely powerful ability to know the truth about people.  The story is about her encounters with the Sidhe.

Each of the books in the series will focus on a different witch and her (or his!) encounters with the “Other” in the modern world: fae creatures, ghosts and spirits, gods and goddesses, angels and demons…

(My British accent is awful!  Apologies to all of my British friends!)

4) Are you writing for children, young adults or adults? Or all of the above?

I write for adults. Don’t get too excited – it’s pretty much PG-13 stuff. I haven’t dismissed the idea of writing YA, but probably not for awhile yet.

5) You’re a fellow Midwesterner  Does the color and flavor of the Midwest factor into your writing? The Midwest  after all, is home to the granddaddy of fantasy, The Wizard of Oz (believe me! I’ve heard all the Toto/Kansas jokes. They’re STILL not funny!).

The Midwest is basically all I know.  The series I am currently writing is set in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  I can’t say I didn’t have the urge to set the stories somewhere more exotic, but I wouldn’t know where to begin!  I know the people in the Midwest, I know the land, and what the cities look like.  I’m comfortable in the Midwest, and that allows me to focus less on creating a setting about which I know nothing and more on the characters and their stories.

I LOVE The Wizard of Oz.  I actually lived near Liberal, Kansas just a few years ago.  Liberal, for anyone who doesn’t know, is where Dorothy lived.  If you’ve seen the beginning of the movie, you pretty much know what extreme Southwest Kansas looks like!  The Wizard of Oz was probably the first fantasy movie I ever saw (though I didn’t read the book until I was in high school), and it’s still one of my favorites!

6) What character are you in the book? I know every writer puts themselves into everything they write to a certain extent.

I think parts of me show up in a lot of my characters.  They pick up my flaws quite a bit, but I also try to give them those qualities I wish I possessed.

7) What are your favorite fantasy novels? Is it your favorite genre to read?

What’ve you got? There aren’t very many that I don’t like! As in everything else, though, I’m moody. Today I want nothing but romantic stories, but tomorrow I might want something exciting with lots of dragons and bloody battles…

My favorite fantasy authors are Mercedes Lackey, Terry Brooks, Neil Gaiman, J.K. Rowling, Kim Harrison, Ilona Andrews, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, Erin Morgenstern, H. Rider Haggard… Should I go on? Because I can. For awhile. And I’m discovering new authors and books to love all the time. Just the other day, a friend recommended Terry Pratchitt, and it looks like he’s on the fast track to my top ten.

8) Are you as influenced by cinema as much as writing? If so, what movies come to mind?

Definitely influenced by movies. I’ll watch a movie and immediately know what feeling I want to create in my writing. For example, the movie Legend comes to mind. It’s really beautiful to look at, and it has an ethereal feel to it that I hope I can create in my fantasy novels.

9) Will you continue in the fantasy field? Or are you interested in chasing other genres?

I have sci-fi ideas, but no sci-fi stories yet, and I get the occasional ideas for children’s picture books.

10) Quick! Favorite James Bond actor? (Be VERY careful how you answer this. There are two acceptable answers).

Um… Sean Connery and… um… ah… (tick, tock… tick tock…) Sean Connery!  He was awesome enough to be recognized twice!

And now, I’d like to introduce you to my victim interviewee… Rachel McMahon!  Rachel is fierce and feisty, and I promise your going to love her.

You can find Rachel and her answers to my questions here.

(Psst… Rachel is also a talented photographer.  Have a look around while you’re visiting!)

Here’s what you’ll learn about Rachel:

1)  Please tell us a little about what you write – genre, audience, etc.

2)  I have had the privilege of serving as a beta reader for you in the past (Look out, World, here comes Rachel!), and I have beautiful dreams about turning out a first draft as quick as you can.  How long does it typically take you to write a first draft?

3)   Do you plan your stories ahead of time, or just jump right in when the inspiration strikes?

4)   What do you have in the works right now?

5)   What is your current work in progress about?

6)   Where do you get your best inspiration?

7)   What are your favorite things to read?

8)   Where can your fans typically find you?

9)   Tell me about your favorite place to write.

10)   OK, Stuart threw a random question at me, so I guess that means I get to do the same, right?  I know you’re a huge Harry Potter nut (like me!).  Who is your favorite character and why?


8 thoughts on “10 questions OR Does blog hopping make you a cyber floozy?

  1. Hi Stacey! Great answers to the questions! Can’t wait to read your books. And you’ll be happy to know that your Bond answer was one of the acceptable answers (the other being Daniel Craig. If you woulda’ gone with Roger Moore….welllll, we’d need to talk).

    Also, LOVE the artwork at the bottom of your blog! It’s great! I didn’t see it at first and am glad I scrolled down farther. It’s so evocative, I wonder if you could incorporate it at the top of your blog? It’d definitely be an eye-catcher!

    • Thanks, Stuart. Glad you liked it! The artwork is one of WordPress’s very clever creations, so I don’t think I can change it around. I picked the theme because I liked the starry sky at the top. I don’t see the little town at the bottom until I put up my first post. It was just one of those happy accidents!

  2. Needless to say I enjoyed this, and I agree Sean Connery is pretty hard to beat as James Bond. A more interesting, though possibly controversial question might be, “Who has been the worst James Bond?”. A great one to answer before running for the hills

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